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Way Back Machine – James’ Masters Degree

I was recently asked for a copy of my master’s degree work which was actually a bit of a surprise.  That work seems so long ago (2006) but in reflection it has been a major milestone in my learning technology journey.  Ever since that work I have been searching for opportunities to apply the concepts […]

Professional Objectives video

This project emerged from a re-design of my resume which included a clarification of my professional objectives.  Professional objectives have fallen a bit from favor in the modern job hunt but this was something that was very useful in my job hunt and I wanted to create a project that was both a statement and […]

Router VoIP Magic – SIP and ALG settings

Lately I have been using more than one viewer for activity in the virtual world of Second Life and encountering problems with connecting to the Voip services. Vivox is the voice communication software used in most Second Life viewers. This is all in the realm of magic to my mind though I know that it […]

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James Chris Lloyd

 Learning Technologist
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