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Collaborative Face-tagging

For the past year I have been searching for the optimal method to collect my personal and family photographs online, sync them locally for archival purposes and then to collaborate with family members to annotate and tag the photos.  I’ve not yet found a solution, but I am learning many things.  Today I found this website: http://www.facetag.org/ There are great list of concepts here involved with community-based taxonomies or ‘folksomonies.’  I think this is largely beyond the Flickr’s and Picasa’s of our current online environment but it is bound to occur soon.

I recall that when I was at Promega there already existed a tool for this in Sharepoint.  It was implemented in the user profile section under the label ‘skills’ and it involved the use of adding skills either by typing or using a pick list – but the pick list was built from ALL USERS entries.  So over time the community would decide if the most common way of typing ‘PowerPoint’ was ‘PowerPoint, powerpoint or Powerpoint’.

This of course become one of my frustrations because I’d asked the Sharepoint administrator if I could use this type of selector to for the category of “Product Names” and have a common, user updated list.  Nope, that was simply not possible and became another arrow in the early adopter back. 🙂


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