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Simple Logo Animation

My objective for this project was to use the simplest of tools to create a logo animation video as a demonstration for non-profit clients.

How it Was Done

I started with a logo I had designed for my consulting work which I re-created using the drawing tools in Microsoft PowerPoint 2010.  I then used the animation features of PowerPoint to ‘build’ the logo from its drawing components while displaying descriptive words related to the organization.  This was probably the most difficult part as working with PowerPoint animation can be very frustrating.  Why is PowerPoint animation frustrating?  I believe the single biggest improvement Microsoft could make to PowerPoint animation would be to add layer controls – most importantly to be able to hide and show layers.  The program already uses layers as evidence by the ‘sent to back’ and ‘send to front’ options. Unfortunately everything is on screen at the same time which makes it very difficult to modify any individual component of the animation.  Other tools do have this ability, but my objective was to remain in a tool that is commonly already in use in most non-profit organizations.

After completing the visual components I added two subtle sound effects.  Then I used the option in PowerPoint to save as a video – in this case a .wmv file.  This file can now be imported into other video projects, even to Microsoft Movie Maker which is a free download for Windows computers.  I uploaded the .wmv file to Youtube where it is easily shared and displayed.


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