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Job Application Video

I was very excited about a job opportunity in June of 2012.  So much so that I decided to create a video and include a link in the application.  Though the video is made exclusively for one position, I think it is interesting mostly because it was completely self-produced.

How it Was Done

As I wrote above I made this completely by myself using an in-expensive HD camcorder, a lavalier microphone and micro mixer, and edited with Adobe Premiere Elements on a Windows 7 desktop computer.

The Canon camcorder has two features that were critical to this production. First is that the camcorder has an external microphone connection.  I used a micro mixer set levels from the lavalier microphone to better control the audio.  Second, the camcorder has a flip-out viewscreen so that I could see the composition of the frame from my location in front of the camera.  The camera was mounted on an in-expensive but sturdy tripod and the lighting was completely ambient in a very sunny room.

The camcorder records to a standard SD memory card and I transferred the files to the computer.  I made six ‘takes’ of the script I had written and then edited the piece in Adobe Premiere Elements adding still and motion graphics to the final production.

One tip that I can share about Adobe Premiere Elements is that I create a new catalog file for each project.  The catalog file is intended for home video enthusiasts and typically contains all the video in the users video library, but this becomes just to large to be workable.  It is a bit of a workaround, but it makes a big difference for complex projects.


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