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Molecular Biology Central Dogma

This animation describes what molecular biologists refer to as the ‘Central Dogma’ – the basic principle of how DNA and RNA make creatures like ourselves. 

[November 2006 :: Adobe Flash – no audio, click-thru sequence]
(click on the image to view the actual Flash movie)

thumbnail image of Central Dogma animation

This animation was created to support training for people who maintained an instrument known as a ‘particle handler’.  The instrument is used to automate procedures in molecular biology, which is a vastly different discipline from the background of electronics and motors needed to service the instrument.

The animation was written by my colleague, Dee C. who is a molecular biologist working as instructional designer on our team.  Dee also provided graphic design as can be seen in the script (click the script image to view a .pdf copy).  I contributed to the script and performed all production and distribution of the media using Adobe Flash, PowerPoint, and Adobe Connect Pro as the final container.


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