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Getting serious about Backup

I have been struggling with hard drive backup and today I spent some time doing research. I’ve come to the conceptual conclusion that I need to pursue 2 approaches at the same time.

Firstly, I need to make an ‘image’ of the computer itself which includes the operating system and the most recent state of the operating system – this for the issue of the computer itself coming to harm – lightening, etc. An image of the computer should make it possible to replace the hardware and simply restore the most recent image to the hardware and be up and functioning.

Secondly, I need to take a ‘synchronization’ approach for file data. The sync approach should include both a traditional backup image of the data (the true meaning of backup) but also a constant data process (cdp) replication so that the data files, in the event of loss are usable from the synchronization archive. IN addition, data should also be uploaded to a distant site.

My netgear ReadyNas came with Memeo software so I did research into this program. I have also encountered Acronis products in my work with other clients and I would like to learn Acronis to be fluent in using it.

I read information on both website and while it seems that Memeo is more innovative in the CDP side of file replication, Acronis has a proven history of actual file recovery.

I searched specifically for the image issue and discovered that Acronis has the ability to create a recovery disk that will boot up an empty computer shell and restore the image file! That is huge. I could not find this feature in Memeo.

Lastly, I searched youtube.com for both the product names and there were 130 acronis posts and 40 memeo posts. This to me means that if I encounter trouble, I have better options with community support from acronis.

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